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Our Services

Our expert staff has over 80 years of combined experience. We are dedicated to providing quality service to all of our customers. We specialize in automative cooling systems and air conditioning, but are happy to fix any car trouble you may be having. Aside from fixing radiators, we are also an over-the-counter supplier of cooling system and air conditioning components.


Radiators & Air Charge Coolers

We can reapir any size radiator from a motorcycle to an industrical 8FT. tall radiator, agriculture and automotive radiator work. We offer complete boiling, cleaning, flow testing and repair. If your radiator is not fixable then we can build you a new one or recore your original. 


We can repair any size air charge cooler as well. We can remove oil and debris from a blown turbo or rebuild them to repair leaks.

Fuel Tanks

We can boil, steam clean, repair and seal the inside of fuel tanks. Many times fuel tanks get rusty on the inside from storage and condensation which causes plugged fuel filters and carburetor problems. The sealer creates a liner inside which seals the rust from coming back and plugs pin holes in the tank.

General Automotive Repair

We specialize in heating and boiling but can also help you with any of the following.

- Check Engine Lights

- Coolant Flushes

- Intake & Head Gaskets

- Brakes

- Tune-ups

- Blower Motors

- Belts 

- Hoses

- Water Pumps

- Fan Clutches

- Suspension

- Electrical.

The only thing we can't do is tire repair and alignments.

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